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Magnesium Dies

Die Types

  • Foil Stamping

  • Single Level Embossing

  • Single Level Debossing

  • Letterpress Die

  • Custom Applications (stamps for items like leather, wood, soap, jewelry, or pottery, molds, award plaques, wall displays, and many other possible applications)

Why choose a magnesium die? We recommend using magnesium dies if the job count is 5000 or less, as well as for smaller areas and on smoother paper surfaces. Magnesium dies are affordable without sacrificing quality.


Available in

  • 16 gauge with image size up to 23" x 35"

  • 11 point with image size up to 29" x 39"

  • 1/4 inch with image size up to 29" x 39"

  • Deep Etch (.070" depth or greater)


Allow 1/2" dead metal on all 4 sides from edge of image. 

Copper Dies

Die Types

  • Foil Stamping

  • Single Level Embossing

  • Single Level Debossing

  • Custom Applications


Why choose copper instead of magnesium? We recommend copper dies for job counts over 5000, as well as when working with larger areas and heavily textured paper. Photo engraved copper dies can have a longer usage span than magnesium dies, if stored and used properly.

Available in

  • 16 gauge with image size up to 14"x 20"

  • 1/4 inch with image size up to 14"x 20"

  • Deep Etch (.025" depth or greater)

Allow 1/4" excess on flat stamp die and 1/2" excess on embossing die.

Silicone Rubber Dies

Die Types

  • Flat Silicone Rubber 


Most commonly used in the plastic industry. Flat silicone rubber dies are flexible to accommodate plastic surfaces. We offer flat silicone rubber dies for foil stamping and ink stamping plastics or other durable surfaces. Silicone rubber dies are available in different plate thickness and shore hardness.

Available in

  • Rubber hardness standard 80 shore

Wood Mounted Magnesium Dies

Available in

  • up to 12" x 12" wood blocks, typical sizes include 3" x 3" or 4" x 4"

Thermal Kiss-Cutting Dies

Thermal kiss-cutting dies are produced from magnesium for cutting pressure-sensitive materials.

Male/Female Dies

Available in

  • magnesium

  • copper

Steel Back Counter Dies

Used for embossing, our steel back counter dies help you get a precise impression.

Available in

  • .029" thickness

  • to match magnesium dies

  • to match copper dies

Sticky Back Dies

Available in

  • Magnesium

  • .015" & .020" thickness

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